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Did you know that recycled PET bottles may be used to make fabric? Fabric is one of the many plastic products made from recycled plastic bottles, which are also used to produce other plastic items. Let’s start our journey to learn how PET bottles can be used to make fabric.

Why should PET bottles be recycled?

Plastic waste ,especially plastic bottles, is a major cause of pollution and a significant cause of global warming. Plastic pollution in the water, in particular, is a concern that is harming the oceans by contaminating the plastic and threatening marine life. .

One thing to consider is that plastic waste takes a long time to disintegrate. According to reports, the plastic manufactured will remain on the globe for up to 500 years. It can be shown that if we can help reduce the amount of plastic waste, particularly plastic bottles, we can help save the environment. It will aid in the reduction of additional pollution issues. If you’re wonder how recycling plastic bottles might assist in pollution reduction, the answer is here in the following picture!

Now that we are reminded of how important it is to reduce plastic bottle waste, using plastic bottles as a raw material to make fabric is one way to do so. And we’re here to show you how we can accomplish it.

“rPET” Key to make recycled fabric

PET bottle is considered as polyethylene terephthalate, which is the same plastic type with polyester fabrics. By recycling PET plastic, we will get rPET and we can use them to produce recycled fabric which has the same properties as a virgin polyester fabric.

The rPET recycling process

The following is the recycling process from rPET to recycled fabric.
1. Cleaning and sanitizing plastic water bottles after taking off labels and bottle caps.
2. The bottles are melt into small flakes.
3. The plastic flakes are melted and extruded by the spinerest machine into long fibers and short fibers.
4. These fibers are spun to yarns.
5. The yarns are knitted into recycled polyester fabric.

Recycling plastic bottles will help reduce waste and reduce various pollution. that has happened to our world Using recycled fabric from water bottles It also helps to raise the brand of clothing to stand out. Help lead the trend to save the world. It’s not just looking at business operations, but it has to be sustainable. Along with helping to create products and products that are environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly! If you’re looking for the recycled polyester fabric from rPET, please contact us via the contact below
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