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Polyester knit fabric has many outstanding qualities, such as texture, lightweight, breathable, and bright colors, which make it suitable for sewing in a variety of clothing. The most important reason is that it is inexpensive! Polyester knit fabric has also been upgraded to a higher level of specialization, with innovative functions that can meet the needs of customers specifically to solve problems or promote specialization on the spot. What are the 5 types of functional fabrics developed by JS Fabric, and how interesting are each of the innovations? Let’s look at the details.

Water Repellent

Have you ever seen a drop of water on a lotus leaf? That is the result of water repellent innovation. When liquids like water, tea, or coffee are spilled on the fabric, and it looks like water rolling on a lotus leaf. Water cannot penetrate the fabric for an extended period of time. Moreover, The frequency and intensity with which it washed impact the durability of this water reflection.


Anti-Bacterial innovation is added to the fabric to inhibit the growth of bacteria which also helps to reduce body odor caused by bacteria as well. The functions of anti-bacterial fabric does not cause skin irritation. This fabric with an anti-bacterial function is typically used in sportswear In order to keep the wearer fresh and prevent offensive odors.


The harmless chemicals are put to the fabric to help protect the wearer’s skin from the sun’s rays. The innovative Anti-UV fabric feature will decrease UV radiation penetration into the skin. It can provide UVA and UVB protection. The chemicals on the fabric will be diluted after 15-20 washes. 

Stain Release

Stain release fabric is an innovative fabric that allows the fabric to be easily washed. The addition of an antiseptic prevents stains from adhering to the fabric. Despite frequent washing, the fabric always looks new and fresh.


This CoolQuik innovation will keep the wearer dry and comfortable because of the special crisscross fabric construction, which greatly increases sweat absorption from the skin and makes the fabric dry quickly. Furthermore, this innovation can reduce sweat odor on fabric, making it ideal for sportswear.

All 5 innovations are considered as good functional aids. that helps to add a distinctive touch to the fabric Make fabric products of clothing manufacturers such as T-shirts, polo shirts, fashion clothes. Or sportswear is definitely outstanding than competitors in the market. Because these innovative clothing products will help solve problems and meet the specific needs of today’s clothing customers as well. If you are interested in polyester fabrics that come with great innovations like this, you can contact us to place an order/order with us via the channels below
email : knit12@jongstit.com
WhatsApp : +66 81 838 5360

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