Jacquard Fabric I540

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Jacquard Fabric I540

Jacquard fabric (orange) is extremely soft and long-lasting. It is frequently used for making sportswear.

Specifications : Width 72″/74″ | Weight 155 GSM


A jacquard fabric is created using jacquard technology, which includes generating designs on a computer system and then knitting them directly into fabric. Because it is made of micro polyester yarn, this item is incredibly soft and durable. It is commonly used to produce sportswear.

Composition : 100% Micro Polyester
Weight : 155 GSM (Adjustable)
Width : 72″/74″ (Usable/Full Width)
Color/Pattern : Stripe
Knitting Type : Circular knit
Minimum of quantity : 1,000 kgs.

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