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Spandex Fabric GI419

Interlock blends with spandex come in black. Perfect stretchy and soft to touch. It is suitable for making fashion clothing, underwear and activewear.

Specifications : Width 62″/64″ | Weight 280 GSM



Interlock fabric blends with spandex, which is hand feel and durable. It is perfectly stretchy, stretching 5-8 times and returning to its original shape. Commonly use in fashion apparel, activewear and underwear.

Composition : 85% Micro Polyester 15% Spandex
Weight : 280 GSM (Adjustable)
Width : 62″/64″ (Usable/Full Width)
Color/Pattern : Solid
Knitting Type : Circular knit
Minimum of quantity : 1,000 kgs.

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