Single Jersey Fabric TS102

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Single Jersey Fabric TS102

Single jersey comes in top dyed grey and is lightweight and breathable, with a smooth texture and cotton hand feel. Often used to make t-shirts, tank tops, and baby clothing.

Specifications : Width 35″/36″ (Tubular) | Weight 145 GSM


Single jersey (spun fabric) is a lightweight and breathable fabric. It is made from spun fibers (short fibers) that have been joined together to provide a soft but smooth texture on both sides. Single jersey is often used to make t-shirts, clothing for men and women, tank tops, dresses, and baby clothes.

Composition : 100% Spun Polyester
Weight : 145 GSM (Adjustable)
Width : 35″/36″ (Tubular)
Color/Pattern : Top Dye
Knitting Type : Circular knit
Minimum of quantity : 1,000 kgs.

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