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Interlock Fabric I336

Interlock fabric is available in turquoise blue and has good moisture-wicking properties. Lightweight and smooth. Suitable for t-shirts, fashion clothing, and activewear.

Specifications : Width 36″/37″ | Weight 145 GSM


Interlock fabric is smooth and lightweight, with good moisture wicking properties. This fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch because it is made of microfiber and has the same fabric on both the front and back. It is mostly used for t-shirts, trendy clothing, activewear, and children’s clothing.

Composition : 100% Micro Polyester
Weight : 145 GSM (Adjustable)
Width : 36″/37″ (Usable/Full Width)
Color/Pattern : Solid
Knitting Type : Circular knit
Minimum of quantity : 1,000 kgs.

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